Wireless Family Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

The CAVIUS Wireless Alarm Family is the latest addition to the CAVIUS range. Using innovative and automated Radio Frequency technology, our Wireless Family alarms connect with each another offering extra protection for your home and family.

The CAVIUS Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has been designed to warn you of fires and should be installed in all the main areas of the home, these areas include the bedrooms, lounge, and hallway. For other areas where a smoke alarm cannot be installed and a flaming or flash fire is more likely to occur (such as the kitchen, garage, workshop, or laundry) a Wireless Family Thermal Heat Alarm is recommended.

CAVIUS Wireless Family Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are an essential item to have in the home as they act as an extra layer of protection, especially at night when people are asleep. The earlier you can detect smoke or fire in your home, the higher the likelihood of saving your home and more importantly, your life. Just like you would wear a safety belt as a precaution – it always pays to put safety first and be prepared for an unexpected emergency.

The Wireless Family Photoelectric Smoke Alarm uses Radio Frequency technology to sync with other Wireless Family alarms in the house. This means that if there is a fire in one room, all the other Wireless Family alarms will sound an alarm too. Everyone in your home, whether they’re upstairs, downstairs, or even in a separate wing of the house, will know immediately if there is a potential fire developing somewhere in the home. Earliest detection provides vital minutes and will help with evacuation out of the house faster in the case of a fire.

Wireless Family Interconnecting Alarms

The CAVIUS Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarm comes fitted with a 5 year long-life Duracell battery. The process for syncing up your Wireless Family alarms is simple; set all your Wireless Family alarms into ‘LEARN/LINK’ mode, press the test button on one alarm which creates a ‘Master’ – the ‘Master’ sends out a unique code to all your other alarms. Place the alarms back into ‘NORMAL’ mode and you are ready to install.

Once installed with the simple ‘smart-clip’ ceiling mechanism, the alarm is activated. It has an audio alert output of 85 dB(A) at 3 metres, generating a piercing alarm designed to wake you from your sleep. The Wireless Family Photoelectric Smoke Alarm also syncs with the Wireless Family Thermal Heat Alarm.

CAVIUS devices have a 30 day low battery warning, increasing your chances of identifying that your battery and smoke alarms need to be replaced.

The intelligent test and 10 minute hush button is embedded in the bottom surface of the alarm for easy access.

CAVIUS uses the highly recommended photoelectric technology which reduces false alarms considerably, yet provides the earliest detection of smoke presence. All of our alarms are 100% tested in world leader AWT’s tested tunnels. Aesthetically pleasing, CAVIUS Wireless Family alarms suit any new home, refurbishment and areas of your home like the bedroom, lounge and hallway. With a 5 Year long-life battery included (replaceable), there is a lot to love about such an innovative alarm.



5 Year long-life Duracell or Panasonic battery (replaceable)
New RF technology with the ability to connect up to 32 Wireless alarms
A penetrating sound at 85 dB(A) at 3 metres
An easy and wide 10 minute hush and test button
30 day low battery alert
Easy installation with the unique smart-clip ceiling mechanism
AS3786:2014 certified
Also connects with CAVIUS Wireless Family Thermal Heat Alarms

Technical Specifications

Sensor type: Photoelectric/Optical smoke detection
Battery: Duracell or Panasonic Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
Interconnected Radio Frequency: 926.365 MHz
Sound level: 85db at 3  meters
Optimal temperature of function: +4ºC to +38ºC
Maximum Humidity: +95% Rh non-condensing
Ceiling installation


An alarm for where smoke alarms can’t go

You should never put a smoke alarm in the kitchen regardless of the type of alarm. Over time airborne cooking fats block any smoke alarm and prevent smoke from entering the sensing chamber, impairing performance and function. Now there is a product for the direct kitchen area, the CAVIUS Wireless Thermal Heat Alarm, for the fastest detection of flaming kitchen fires.