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CAVIUS Nano have teamed up with Repelec (Aust), specialist representatives, merchandisers and distributors, servicing retail and wholesaler customers within the hardware, electrical, plumbing, industrial and automotive markets of Australia.

Customers recognise Repelec (Aust) as industry leaders in representation and merchandising support, with over 38 specialists servicing wholesale branches from all locations nationally.

Repelec (Aust) value-add by designing, building and maintaining stock displays to suit our customer’s specifications – a proven formula for increasing sales and profitability.

Repelec (Aust) offer fast and reliable delivery services to any location nationally, via their distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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In 2011, a unique and significant relationship was formed between a New Zealander and a Danish designer. CAVIUS Nano, a New Zealand company based in Papamoa, and CAVIUS APS, the Danish parent company collaborated together to create the world’s smallest photoelectric smoke alarm.

Originally, CAVIUS produced a tiny and sleek smoke alarm which contained a 5 year battery, however in June 2013, we were able to make people’s lives that much easier and we introduced a smoke alarm with a 10 year long-life battery.

Later in November 2013, we designed and produced an alarm which would become a game changer and was seriously needed in homes: the CAVIUS Thermal Heat Alarm. This alarm can be installed directly into a kitchen, laundry or garage.

Since then, CAVIUS has sold over 1 million alarms worldwide that continue to help protect homes and save lives. Constant testing in the world’s best fire safety laboratories and input from the world’s leading fire experts help make CAVIUS alarms not only the smallest but also one of the most trusted.

With on-going investment into product development and the education around fire safety, one of the CAVIUS goals is to help people all around the world feel protected in their home.


Being a Danish company, CAVIUS recognises the duty of minimising the environmental foot print as much as possible and to supply our customers with safe and long lasting products.

It is our environmental policy to take a measure of concrete steps to reduce implications as much as possible. Our staff will follow our goals during development, on the manufacturing sites, and are responsible for the implementation of the company environmental policy.

Sourcing of material and manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the European and Australasian regulations, along with our company policy and procedures.

We conduct yearly environmental tests (RoHS, REACH etc) on the full range of products. Tests are performed with well known international institutions.

By only developing high quality products with focus on long service life and low power consumption. Material wastage is minimised and recycling options implemented where possible. We seek to conserve the use of energy, water, and paper at our factories and offices.

All staff have a responsibility to ensure that our company policy is implemented at their workplace, to monitor their own areas of control and take immediate action where faults are found.

Packaging material for our products use recycled papers and plastic. We use environmentally friendly material such as PE and PET instead of PVC.

Smoke alarms are typically made with two different types of sensors: photoelectric and ionisation. We have as a company decided not to manufacture ionised alarms due to the environmental foot print during the manufacturing of the ionised material and the disposal at the end of it’s life. When it comes to disposal of used alarms, we strongly recommend to dispose the alarms as electronic waste.