Feb 22

‘Senseless’ Campaign by Fire & Emergency NZ

In New Zealand Fire & Emergency NZ have recently released their latest advertising campaign called ‘Senseless’. The campaign shows a number of people asleep with their nose's removed. The series of pictures are both subtle and alarming while aiming to get through one main point - to remind us that most people do... read more →
Jul 24

New release – CAVIUS welcomes the Wireless Family

We are proud to announce that we have added two new products to our range - the Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarm and Wireless Thermal Heat Alarm. These members of the Wireless Family are a breakthrough in innovation, offering extra protection for your home and those that live in it. Watch... read more →
Jul 26

Best smoke alarm sound that could save your life

This is the best smoke alarm sound that one day may save your life. The Cavius smoke alarm is a piercing 85 decibels, ensuring it can be heard over the top of background appliances like heat pumps or from the room next door. Most importantly,the Cavius smoke alarm beeping will wake you and your family up from... read more →
Jun 20

Mains powered smoke alarms for new homes

While CAVIUS doesn't currently provide mains powered smoke alarms (not yet but watch this space!), we highly recommend installing 10 Year long life smoke alarms in bedrooms and a Thermal Heat Alarm in the kitchen to augment the mains powered smoke alarm, usually installed in the hallway. The following extract explains the... read more →
May 14
Apr 18
Mar 20

Smoke Alarm Reviews in Australia

Cetnaj Lighting Electrical & Data recently published an article talking about how technology is evolving at a faster and faster pace and how CAVIUS is the must-have technology that every household must have. You can read more here: Repelec Introduces the CAVIUS Smoke Alarm Repelec supplies many specialist representatives, merchandisers... read more →
Feb 02

Young boy calls Fireman Sam

A young Wellington boy was quick to react when he saw smoke coming from a local cafe. Hirini Whakamoe was at home watching the TV show 'Fireman Sam', when he started to notice smoke coming from Wellington cafe, Beach Babylon. Quick as a flash, he raced over to the phone and... read more →
Jan 11
escape-plan-fire-service_australia_3 updated

Wired Smoke Alarms v Battery Powered Smoke Alarms

Since 1997, Wired smoke alarms are mandatory in Australian homes and are the minimum legal standard in Australia. Battery powered alarms are recommended to enhance the protection of your family and home where wired smoke alarms aren't install. CAVIUS recommend you install 10 year battery smoke alarms to increase the level of protection beyond... read more →
Dec 10